Do Something for 31 Days and…….

… will become a habit.

Good or bad habit, your choice, however bad is easy!

Many years ago I was at my dentist Roger Scholes in Chichester England when he realised I did not floss my teeth!

Not good apparently, so Roger proceeded to explain that if I wanted to keep my own teeth in old age, flossing was the answer.

Keep your own teeth into old age.

He showed me how to floss correctly and sent me on my way to save myself.

The fear of looking goofy when I got older was a real incentive to take up this great habit, but how was I going to remember ever day?

The same answer the world over, Google it.

Do something for 31 days and it will become a habit, the good news was this was a goofy saving habit.

I started that day, by flossing my top teeth at night (Upstairs) and bottom teeth in the morning (Downstairs) and did it for 31 days.

I am now old, not goofy, still have all my own teeth and I’m still in the habit of flossing every night and every morning. Thanks Roger.

Start a good habit today and do it for 31 days. Good luck.

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